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Lanyard Aircraft Engineer 3 BarsLanyard Aircraft Engineer 3 Bars
Pin Pull To Eject SignPin Pull To Eject Sign
Pin Ejection Seat Triangle WarningPin Ejection Seat Triangle Warning
Pin Aircraft Engineer / Aircraft MechanicPin Aircraft Engineer / Aircraft Mechanic
Pin Aircraft "No Step"Pin Aircraft "No Step"
Pin Airbus Inoperative INOPPin Airbus Inoperative INOP
Pin Jet Engine Fan 1. Stage (golden tone)Pin Jet Engine Fan 1. Stage (golden tone)
Keyring Maintenance Before Flight
Keyring Engineer 4 Bars (black/gold)
Keyring Engineer 3 Bars (black/gold)
Keyring Boeing INOP tag
Keyring Airbus INOP
Lanyard Aircraft Engineer 4 BarsLanyard Aircraft Engineer 4 Bars
Lanyard Aircraft MechanicLanyard Aircraft Mechanic

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