Frequently Asked Questions regarding shipping:

  1. Where do we ship from: Switzerland. Just next to a major hub with worldwide connections.
  2. How fast will you ship out? All orders are shipped out within 48hrs of receiving payment, during weekdays. We know it is important for you to receive your order soon, so we are not wasting any time sending it out!
  3. When will I receive my order? Please check the link "Shipping Times" for estimated arrival times to your location.
  4. What if the order has not arrived after the time specified? Sometimes, shipments get delayed, for various reasons. The number of shipments truly lost, is insignificant, so if your shipment missed its "estimated by" date, could you possibly wait a little longer for it to arrive? If it is well overdue, please get in touch with us.
  5. How do I know how much shipping multiple items will cost? The shipping rate is calculated based on weight of your order. This is exactly what will influence the rate paid at the post office, and therefore is the fair way to go in our understanding. It may mean that you can add a number of lightweight items (like small pins, for example) without seeing a rise in shipping cost. To find out what shipping will cost, add the items to your shopping cart and have a look at the calculation.
  6. What shipping method is being used? All shipments are sent out by regular postal service using Priority Airmail. This means they will get delivered by your national/official postal organization. Shipping by courier is not supported due to the very high cost of this service.
  7. Why is there no fancy packing material provided? Whilst it is nice to have customized wrapping for each product, it is a costly thing to provide. We have decided that we would rather have lower prices and more money put into quality products, rather than their wrapping, for the following reasons: Once the product has arrived safely, the wrapping is of no further use, meaning lost in terms of spending. That is why we provide some of our own, non customized, and sometimes recycled wrapping for free. If you feel we are totally off with this, please let us know.
  8. I have a special request for shipping my order. Please send us a message together with your order, or let us know by email prior to placing an order, if it can not be placed in the shop.